Printer Services

TM Technologies’ approach to printer service is very different than other service companies. We believe that keeping any printer clean and free of toner and paper dust adds years to the life of a printer.

Under our top tier program, the client is charged a monthly service fee for each printer. With that service charge everything is covered that fails to fair wear and tear, with the exception of network cards, color fusers and transfer kits. Regardless of a server call being placed on a printer, that printer is cleaned and serviced monthly. At the time of the monthly service, all of our technicians have a standing order; if the part squeaks, is shiny or worn, replace it, do not wait for the part to fail or a service call to be placed.

Our next program is a quarterly plan where the office printers are cleaned and serviced on a quarterly basis. The charge for this plan is $35.00 per printer, plus parts. Should the printer fail between servicing, the service charge is $90.00 per printer, plus parts.

Last service plan, is simple break and fix. If the printer fails, you simply place a service call and a technician is dispatched. The charge for this plan is $120.00 per printer, plus parts.

With any service call placed, we guarantee a response time within eight hours of receiving the call; however our average response time is less than four hours. We also keep most service parts in stock for all the printers that we support, so it is very rare that we have a printer down for more than 24 hours.